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Learn how earning a hotel management associate’s degree could advance your career and how the online programs work. Get information about the classes usually offered in these programs, and find out the job duties of hotel managers.

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Can I Earn an Associate Degree in Hotel Management Online?

Associate degree programs that are available online can be found as hotel and restaurant management or hospitality management degrees. Many of these associate programs prepare you to further your careers with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Those upper-level degree programs are more commonly found online. Also, if you have some college credits or even a certificate in hospitality or hotel management, you can often transfer those credits towards your online associate degree.

Degree Options Hospitality management or hotel and restaurant management associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees
Online Options Fully online and hybrid programs available
Common Courses Event planning, catering, beverage control, human resources, customer service
Job Duties Responsible for the hotel running smoothly and interacting with staff and guests
Median Salary (2018) $53,390 (for all lodging managers
Job Outlook (2016-2026)  4% growth (for all lodging managers

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 

How Does Online Learning Work?

Online programs allow you to earn a degree or further your education while you work. Many colleges provide flexible course enrollment and give you the opportunity to accelerate or slow down your education as needed. Some colleges offer wholly online degree programs, while others offer hybrid programs with distance-learning options.

You will learn through an online course management system that the college provides, which typically features readings and video lectures. Through online discussion threads, you will be able to ask questions and keep in contact with other students and your teachers.

What Will I Learn?

The primary purpose of a hotel or hospitality management degree program is to teach you how to organize, plan, prepare and manage lodging facilities and related events. After completion of general education requirements, you will move on to hotel and hospitality management courses.

Through the Internet, you can expect to take hotel-specific courses in beverage control, room management, catering, food sanitation, event planning and hotel procedures. You will take many management courses that prepare you for entry-level positions in hotel management, studying topics such as human resources, problem solving, customer service, business law, task management, public speaking and marketing. As the face of a hotel, you need to have customer service and communication skills that you can pass down to your clerks and other staff.

What Will My Job Responsibilities Be?

Hotel and lodging companies can be very small or large enough to house a casino, an indoor water park or a restaurant. Many larger hotels have convention rooms and house weekly events. As a manager, your tasks will include interacting with staff and clerks, working with clients and running the hotel smoothly.

If you work at a larger hotel, you may be a manager in any number of areas, including a restaurant, casino or gift shop. It will be your duty to guarantee that customers are happy and provided with clean rooms, appetizing food and proper entertainment, while making everything cost-efficient.


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