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Best Online Economics Degrees – College Choice

Economists play a hugely important role in any country.

Economists spend their days studying economic trends, analyzing data, figuring out the impact of goods and services on businesses as well as consumers . . . and that’s just for starters. By earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, you will be ahead of the curve. Put your analytical mind to the test and jump into the ever-fluctuating numbers world of economics!

What kind of Online Economics degree should you get?

Maybe you’re a busy professional who is returning to school later in life. Maybe you’re interested in a career change but can’t sacrifice the time of “traditional” schooling. It sounds like an online degree would be perfect for you. 

This list of the 10 best online bachelor’s degrees in economics should serve as a good starting point for your college search. If you’re considering other fields of study online, take a look at our ranking of the top online universities.

What can you do with an Online Economics degree?

A Bachelor’s in Economics or similar subject is a stepping stone towards a career as an economist. Ultimately, that career typically requires a master’s degree or sometimes a doctorate.

However, many entry-level careers are available for those who complete an undergraduate degree in economics. You’ll find roles especially in cross-disciplinary jobs that may involve any of statistical analysis, asset management, appraisal, financial analysis, public service, policy, journalism, forecasting, and more. This degree is the first step in a long and rewarding career in economics!

How much money can you make with an Online Economics degree?

Since your future career will be all about numbers, it just makes sense that a job as an economist will make you some big numbers. Around $102,500 per year, in fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, that’s a number that is still in the future, since you’ll need an advanced degree to work as an economist. So let’s take a look at the earnings of a few economics jobs that you can land right out of college with a bachelor’s degree:

  • Actuary: $101,560/year
  • Budget Analyst: $75,240/year
  • Financial Analyst: $84,300/year

Clearly, you’re still looking at a lucrative career right out of the gate. The numbers are on your side!

What are the Best Online Economics degrees?

Here at College Choice, we’ve put our best economist foot forward to crunch some data. The methodology team used the following three major factors to boil down to the Best Online Bachelor’s degrees in Economics:

  • Cost: In-state tuition, scaled from the initial list of candidate colleges. Lowest value is best.
  • Graduation Rate: Undergraduate graduation rate. Highest is best; minimum 20%, weighted based on being above or below national average of 42%.
  • Distance Education Ratio: This is the percentage of undergraduate students taking all their program courses as distance education, which includes online delivery.

The heaviest ranking weight is for the cost factor, with less expensive colleges scoring higher. Graduation rate has the second highest ranking weight. What do you foresee in your professional future? If it’s an economics degree, then read on!

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