Knights of Columbus NEW Fourth Degree Regalia


TO: Vice
Supreme Masters District Masters Faithful Navigators

From: Dennis J. Stoddard Supreme

RE: Uniform Policy
Date: June 5, 2019

Effective midnight June
30, 2019, the Order
will officially retire the Fourth Degree Cape and
Chapeau uniform. Continued use of said
uniform is a direct violation of the Laws and Rules
Governing the Fourth Degree.

Members of the
Fourth Degree are instructed to review Section 38 of
the Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree of
the Knights of Columbus, as revised in 2017, which
prescribes the official dress uniform of the Fourth

We expect that all members of the
Color Corps, as Catholic gentlemen, will comply with
this policy.

As Vice Supreme Masters, District
Masters, Faithful Navigators and Color Corps
Commanders, it is your responsibility to instruct
and direct your districts, assemblies, and members
that they are required to wear the new uniform if
they wish to participate in the Color Corps. If any
member refuses to comply, you should handle the
situation respectfully but firmly.

on July 1, 2019, any member of the Color Corps
wearing a cape and chapeau to an official event will
be denied participation and will be given a written
notice that he is in violation of the policy. His
Faithful Navigator shall be notified and advised to
counsel his assembly members that only the new
uniform is to be worn.

If a second violation
occurs the member will be denied participation and
will be ineligible to serve in the Color Corps for
the remainder of the fraternal year. Notification of
this action shall be sent to his Faithful Navigator
and the Office of the Supreme Master, Subsequent
violations may result in a summary suspension under
section 162 (6) of the Laws of the Order

Any District Master or
Faithful Navigator who cannot or will not support
this policy should contact the Office of the Supreme
Master immediately.

Faithful Navigators
shall remove from office any Color Corps Commander
who refuses to comply with this directive.

Click >>HERE<< to download the NEW Color Corps Drill Manual


For a candidate: black or
dark (blue or grey) business
suit with black shoes, plain
white dress shirt as
described above, necktie,
and candidate

For a candidate serving in
the armed forces of his
country, fulltime police and
firefighters: a Class A or
dress uniform.

The social baldric,
presented at the
exemplification. should only
be worn at functions when
the Fourth Degree member is
dressed in a business suit
or tuxedo. The social
baldric is not worn with the
official dress uniform.

For honor guard: official
dress uniform as set forth
in section 38.


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