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Master’s Degrees in Customer Service

With a master’s degree program you can vastly improve your customer service skills for use in the professional world. Keep reading for more information, including degree options, classes, online learning and career prospects.

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Can I Earn a Master’s Degree in Customer Service?

There are no educational programs that will allow you to specialize solely in customer service at the bachelor’s or master’s level. However, customer service strategies are a central component in many business programs. If you want to specialize in this field at the graduate level, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) may be the best course of study.

Degree Type Master of Business Administration
Program Length Two to three years
Admissions Requirements Bachelor’s degree, GMAT scores, letters of recommendation
Common Courses Customer service technology, customer service relations, operations management, service operations
Program Format On campus, online, or hybrid
Career Options Advertising manager, customer service analyst, public relations manager, operations research analyst
Median Salary (2018) $132,620 (for all advertising, promotions, marketing managers)
Job Outlook (2016-2026) 10% growth (for all advertising, promotions, marketing managers)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

What’s an MBA?

An MBA is a terminal, professional degree that prepares you for high-level management positions. You will study advanced classes in areas such as economics, politics, monetary systems, law and government systems.

Traditional MBA programs take 2-3 years to complete and typically culminate in a final project or comprehensive exam. MBA concentrations include:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Risk management
  • Human resources management

What are the Educational Prerequisites?

In addition to GMAT scores, letters of recommendation and a personal statement, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered for admission. Many MBA programs also have a work requirement, in which case you may need to submit a resume and professional references. The strongest applicants will have aptitudes in math, statistics or economics.

What Classes Will I Take?

Coursework in MBA programs takes place largely in the classroom and often incorporates collaborative projects as part of the curriculum. Most programs with a concentration in management offer coursework in customer service. Here are a few courses you might take in a MBA program:

  • Service operations
  • Organizational psychology
  • Customer experience management
  • Customer relations strategies
  • Customer service technology
  • Operations management

Is This Degree Program Available Online?

MBA programs typically offer a variety of attendance options for students. Programs are available on-campus, online, and in hybrid format, which combines on-campus and online study. Programs for full-time workers are also available on weekends.

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get?

As a graduate from an MBA program, you’ll be eligible for management positions in a number of industries, such as technologies, engineering, healthcare and education. Many schools offer job fairs that bring prospective employers to campus to meet students who are about to graduate. Careers that will allow you to utilize your customer service skills include:

  • Operations research analyst
  • Public relations manager
  • Customer service analyst
  • Marketing manager
  • Advertising manager



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