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Online Public Schools in Georgia

Online schools in Georgia provide a personalized approach to learning. This personalized program is tuition-free* and follows the same school calendar as brick-and-mortar public schools. And, just like traditional schools, students benefit from instruction from Georgia-certified teachers and have opportunities to connect with peers through both online and in-person activities.

How does learning at online schools in Georgia work?

Your student’s education at Georgia online public schools starts with a caring team made up of teachers, counselors, school staff, and you. As the parent, you (or another responsible adult) play an important role as the Learning Coach, helping your student stay on their learning schedule, recording daily attendance, and communicating with teachers. The Online School platform provides access to your student’s teacher-led classes as well as K12’s online curriculum for daily coursework, which includes interactive lessons, learning games, and videos.

Grades K–5: The curriculum’s mastery-based online lessons include hands-on learning away from the computer. The Learning Coach commitment is about 3 to 6 hours per day working with your student on lessons.

Grades 6–8: Your student begins monitoring their own learning schedule, but for about 2 to 4 hours per day you continue to provide support and record attendance. The curriculum includes online and various levels of hands-on learning.

Grades 9–12: Your student takes greater responsibility for their schedule, communicates with teachers, and begins focusing on postsecondary goals with support from counselors. You will record attendance and spend about 1 to 2 hours per day working with your student. The online curriculum includes various levels of core courses and a broad selection of electives.

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